What's unique about this pageant

This is the very first Asian pageant that is natural vs beauty. A beauty pageant is more restricted in terms of height, weight & looks vs a natural pageant is flexible, it is more about letting your inner beauty shine. Being natural is what the pageant strives for.

What are the pageant rounds?

It varies per pageant. However the common rounds include interview, evening wear & ethnic  followed by on stage Q &A.

The pageant is based on what region of India contestant comes from, what if a contestant is born outside of India?

You can be located anywhere. Instead of choosing the country you live in or born in, you choose the region of India you belong to or your parents represent.

Can I have more than one family member participate?

Yes! However each contestant has to pay an entry fee and cannot participate in the same category.

What age category am I eligible for?

You should apply for the age category in which you fall. For example, if you are 15 years old, you would be in the Teen category (13-18). However if you are between two age categories and are going to be an year older within six months then you should apply for the next age category. For example, if you are 29 and turning 30 within six months of the pageant than you would be eligible for the MS category not the Miss category. 

What is ethnic wear?

Anything that represents Indian culture. It doesn't have to represent the region you come from. Saree, Lehenga, Kurta, Salwar, Anarkali are all considered etnic.

What is evening wear?

Dresses beyond the knee, long gown or suit for Mr category

Is there a swimsuit round?


What if I change my mind after paying for the pageant?

A contestant who decided not to participate or does not appear for the pageant is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. However for any reason, if the pageant is canceled, each contestant will receive a full refund. 

What does the pageant registration fee include?

Registration fee includes contestant entry to the pageant, coaching, additional activitie

What about hair & makeup?

Contestants can do their own hair or makeup or they can hire one of our recommended stylists. Only stylists recommended through the pageant can be used, no outside stylists will be allowed. However being more of a natural pageant, we encourage contestants especially the prince/princess/junior categories have minimal or no makeup.

What does the winner get?

Winner from each category will get a crown and sash with the title on it. Male contestants will get a sash and tiepin. Winner package will be updated on the pageant page for each pageant.

Once I win a pageant system within Asia National Pageant, what are the next pageants I can compete in?

It depends on which pageant contestant compete in. For India USA National, the next pageant would be India National followed by Asia National Pageant. Runner ups get a sash.

Can I compete in other pageant systems outside of Asia National Pageant if I win a title?

For the year 2019, we don't have non compete clause which means contestant can compete in any pageant systems of their choice.