India USA National Pageant - 2020

Be Natural. Be You. is our goal. We believe that each one of us can inspire and make a difference, it is how you leave others feeling after they meet you becomes your trademark. 


The pageant is structured based on what Indian region you represent or belong to, not based on what states you live in the USA.


There are several pageant categories for both male & female starting from age 4.


For more information on India USA National, visit the Apply page.


The pageant is going to be on June 9th. Optional training is available to those who can attend on June 8th. Time slots will be emailed to participants.

The 2020 Pageant will be held in Charlotte, NC.


Rules and Regulations

1. Contestant understands that in this Agreement, “INP” means India National Pageant, “ANP” means Asia National Pageant & “DainnAsh Production LLC”, or “Licensee” means the person or entity that conducts the National Pageant. “You” means the contestant.

2. The pageant’s format is based upon what region of India (Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern & Central) you represent or belong to. It is not based upon what States you live in the USA.

3. Your age must be within the pageant categories you are applying for.

4. This is more of a natural pageant and less of a glitz pageant. Be confident that your inner beauty reflects. You are not judged on your height or weight.

5. Your total score combination would be determined upon your one-on-one interview & your on-stage rounds.

6. There will be three winning titles in each category (Winner, 1st & 2nd Runner-up).

7. You understand that the competition is an independently produced and operated Pageant (the “India USA National Pageant”), duly licensed by and under strict guidelines from Asia National Pageant, Inc.

8. You must be legal residents, permanent residents or US Citizens. If any title holder (winner) relocates within the US in the year you win, you must notify the pageant committee immediately.

9. If you move outside the US in the year you win the title, you must notify the pageant committee immediately and hand in your title.

10. You agree to provide the Pageant with any additional information or documents that may be required to determine eligibility to participate as a Contestant, including but not limited to, proof of identity, age, residency, and nationality.

11. You has never performed any act or engaged in any activity or employment that is characterized as dishonest, immoral, lewd or indecent.

12. You has never photographed in a state of partial or total nudity.

13. For the year 2020, we don’t have any non-compete clause which means you are eligible to compete in any other pageant system of your choice. Winners cannot compete in another Asian pageant for one year.

14. If you would like feedback on your pageant scoring, please contact the pageant committee after the pageant is over.

15. You will permit the Pageant and their licensees the right to use contestant's photograph for publicity purposes including televise live or by the use of film, video or other media, in connection with any portion or all of the competition, including but not limited to interviews, rehearsals and social events, either individually or as a member of a group.

16. You understands and agrees that you shall have no claim or right to those photographs, tapes, and films, not only during the period between and during the competition and in perpetuity thereafter.

17. You will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times in the understanding that the starting of malicious rumors or disruptive behavior before, during or after the pageant may result in disqualification and possible legal action. No refund.

18. You will not slander or libel other Contestants, judges, the Program, DainnAsh Productions, you, the sponsors, or anyone else involved with or connected to this Program.

19. You understand that defamatory verbal and/or written remarks can result in immediate disqualification and is a violation of this Agreement and could face legal action. No refund.

20. If you decide to withdraw your application at anytime before or during the pageant, you will NOT receive any refund.

21. Under certain circumstances where the pageant has to be cancelled, you will receive the full amount you paid.

22. You must not have been convicted of a felony crime.

23. You must be of good moral.

24. You understand and agree that an electronically reproduced signature or initials are considered valid as the original.